Supported Startups

Robotto designs problem-based autonomous systems for end-user needs with computer vision, AI, and drones at the core of their technology.
With AWRA, their Autonomous Wildfire Recognition and Analytics platform, Robotto can save up to 70% of person-hours spent in wildfire operations and 60% of the ha. that otherwise would have been destroyed. Saving Lives – Saving Nature. 





SCSDK is a company dedicated to space technologies. They design, manufacture, test, integrate, and verify structures for satellites and spacecraft - a one-stop shop for space structures. Established in 2017, with roots from 2011, SCSDK provides struts, booms, panels, STEM spring masts, telescopic masts, CubeSat frames and customs-made composite components and a lot more.


 develops advanced satellite imagery and data analytics services for downstream applications on their AI-based cloud platform.
Their mission is to accelerate the use of satellite data by providing seamless integration of their products into the customers' own software solutions. This enables customers to have advanced satellite data services as part of their own product suite, while develops the algorithms, hosts the data, and manages the server infrastructure.



CHEXS is an X-ray optics company specializing in thin film coating design, thin film coating development and production, X-ray characterization, simulation, modelling and calibration. CHEXS is a spin-off company from the Space department on the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). DTU space has developed a world leading expertise in X-ray optics for high energy astrophysics missions. CHEXS is based at DTU and utilizes, on a rental basis and as required, the coating and characterization facilities at DTU.


Danish Graphene ApS is a company producing and supplying graphene materials for industrial applications to enhance the performance and lifetime of products. The company builds on fundamental research from Aarhus University. Graphene has great potential to improve various components in space. Better thermal control in electronics in space can increase the lifetime of devices and lower risks of component failure to the benefit of both space missions and research. During their incubation period, the team will focus on thermal management by exploiting the excellent thermal conductivity of graphene.




StepUp Horse develops a solution for professional horse riders and trainers. Made of a wearable device for the horse to wear around its thorax, it provides real-time data to a smartwatch and a phone app. The trainers or riders can monitor vital signs during & after exercises such as breathing, heart rate and recovery parameters. In addition, they can visualize speed, stride frequency & length, distance covered, gait analysis and intensity data. The team is adding a precision GNSS system that would perform in any conditions while located directly under the horse. The new system will enable the most accurate fatigue detection and training intensity detection on the market.


ATLANT 3D is a Danish deep-tech startup developing a unique atomic layer advanced manufacturing technology for on-demand electronic materials development and microdevice manufacturing. ATLANT 3D will develop a space-certified Nanofabricator 0G with the goal of going to the International Space Station (ISS) in future missions. The machine will have the full capabilities of the Nanofabricator Lite system, allowing further testing and development of on-demand electronic materials and micro and nanodevice prototyping. This will further enable researchers and innovators with rapid materials and device development in Space.

SAGA Space Architects is an architecture and design studio based in Copenhagen working on making space liveable for future space travellers by designing habitats from a human perspective, where mental well-being and social sustainability are part of the life support equation. SAGA develops simulated habitats, where various methods of psychological counter-measures are tested and then further developed based on their potential. SAGA was founded in the summer of 2018 by two architects and a software engineer, Sebastian Aristotelis, Karl-Johan Sørensen, and Simon Daniel Haan Kristensen, respectively, with the hopes of bringing a fresh perspective on the space industry.  


AquaReg maintains a database of 120,000+ industrial sites in Europe and North America – we know the sites, who owns them and which compounds they discharge. We also have data on the site-specific permits and wastewater fees. This enables our clients to focus their go-to-market effort on the customers with the biggest need. In a nutshell, we provide data-driven market intelligence for wastewater solutions.

Aerial Tools ApS is a B2B service provider that offers high quality aerial data. They are developing not just another drone, but a revolutionary Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) platform with world leading flight time and sensing capabilities for the inspection of large and remote infrastructure such as solar parks or railways and for monitoring agriculture. Flights Beyond the Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) and autonomous operation with precise and accurate positioning and timing is ensured through RTK GNSS and cellular networks, including 5G/6G connectivity.

KARL is an agricultural tech startup developing a "smart calendar" for the farming sector. With the help of satellite data, local soil and weather information is used to efficiently schedule a range of farm related tasks. KARL's goal is to ease the burden of farm management, helping producers meet the needs of a growing population both sustainably and profitably.












Hecto Drone just started a new project, where their drone wil spot spray fields, and help farmers manage their crops. Their mission is to develop a revolutionary spraying method using state of the art drone technology. The system will operate autonomously, refilling and spraying fields without human interaction.












NAUST Robotics is developing an autonomous drone-in-a-box solution for agriculture - with our drone with speakers playing bird sounds, we repel birds from man-made crops in the most humane and effective way, without consuming the time of the farmers. A landing platform will be in charge of sheltering and recharging the drone, requiring no human operator.



Alumni Startups

ClearSky Vision develops cloud-free satellite images by using a novel neural network architecture to predict urban and landscape changes underneath the cloud cover. They use data from various missions (Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Landsat 8, and more). This allows for more consistent and frequent monitoring with multi-spectral cloudless imagery. Its mission is to provide the most up-to-date optical satellite imagery possible.





Capra Robotics are firm believers in helping people through robots. They work to enable human flourishing by eliminating boring, unworthy, dangerous and repetitive tasks. To achieve this, they develop and manufacture mobile robot platforms, primarily for outdoor use, based on an innovative, self-developed vehicle chassis. The robot platform provides agile mobility to otherwise stationary solutions, and is designed to easily integrate with additional hard- or software, making it customizable for specific applications.



Fauna Smart Technologies is dedicated to helping farmers transition to greener, healthier and more efficient farming practices. Their focus is to implement innovative solutions in line with the new EU regulations and strategies for farmers’ production within the field of Horticulture. They can help farmers by providing early detection of pests and diseases with further digital guidance throughout the growing season: what to do next with cost-benefit analysis.




MONTEM develops intelligent infrastructure for different sectors at municipal and national levels. We are specialized in designing research-based, high resolution and low-power sensor networks that digitize existing and future infrastructure. CityFlow, our platform for the intelligent city, acts as an urban digital twin that combines break-through visualizations and custom integrations in a real-time interface.






Sternula is a Danish satellite operator offering global connectivity for maritime digital service using the new VDES standard. We are currently planning and developing our own fleet of advanced Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. The first satellite will be operational from 2022.









At Copenhagen Trackers, they develop smart GPS trackers for everything. They are determined to help people locate their belongings and companies their assets. It's simple, practical, cheap and it comes with no extra fees, subscriptions or hidden costs: once you purchase a device it is yours, and you can use it as much as you like, at no extra expense.






QuadSAT is revolutionising the satcom industry by making antenna testing more accessible, faster, and cheaper. By integrating advanced drone technology, automation software, and a custom developed RF pointing payload, QuadSAT has created an airborne antenna testing system that allows antennas to be tested and measured anywhere in the world.






NaviBlind enables blind and visually impaired people to walk to any destination, like any other person. Their solution is an aid that consists of an app and a high-precision GNSS system. The aid allows users to safely walk from A to B through busy urban environments, something that has previously only been possible through rigorous one-to-one training with a professional instructor.






Ekofolio is a mission-driven fintech company, catalyzing investment in forests by making the asset class tradeable and liquid. Ekofolio is in the process of launching the "EKO", its flagship forest-backed token product that grows 3% p.a. - in tandem with a diversified portfolio of global forests. It is also intending to launch a satellite-based reporting system for these assets, based on ESA-Sentinel 2 stream. 





Upteko is a drone technology company with a vision to radically improve the maritime sector through innovative drone technology. In their main solution, they are developing an integrated drone system, using the European satellite navigation system Galileo for precision landing onboard vessels. The charging station of the drone can be installed at any location, making it possible to have a permanent drone on a ship. Upteko is also targeting industries such as construction, offshore oil rigs, and wind energy.
28 JANUARY 2023