Moonshot entrepreneurs celebrated in Copenhagen Planetarium

A global IoT system for ships. Autonomous robots guided by satellites with cm-precision. And spin-off space technology for use in medico and security. These were some of the innovative commercial applications of space technology, which new high-tech ESA BIC Denmark startups presented in the Planetarium in Copenhagen downtown on August 27.

September 1, 2021

Ten teams of Danish space entrepreneurs pitched on the first demo day for ESA BIC Denmark to a jury of investors and a number of other guests in the Planetarium's dome hall. After careful deliberation, the jury voted QuadSAT, which provides sat-com antenna measurements with a drone solution, the "most investable ESA BIC Denmark startup". Several of the investors expressed an interest in other of the ESA BIC startups as well. 

Alexander Viterbo-Horten who is Investment Director at PreSeed Ventures and chairman of the jury of investors commented: “It was a great pleasure being in the jury at ESA BIC Denmark's demo day. I was amazed by the variety of space startups: From satellite constellations to bitcoin mining in space from autonomous ships to police drones. Space just got even bigger in my eyes.”

Alexander Viterbo-Horten, Investment Manager at PreSeed Ventures with Mads Selvejer Plum, Business Development Manager at QuadSAT
Photo: Kaare Smith

On the day, we were also lucky to have Thomas Hofman-Bang, CEO at Industriens Fond, kickstart the pitching with a few words of the journey of ESA BIC Denmark since our opening in March 2020.

Thomas Hofman-Bang, CEO at Industriens Fond
Photo: Kaare Smith

Along with QuadSAT, teams of budding space entrepreneurs from the ESA BIC Denmark’s pre-incubation program Launchpad, which was running in the weeks leading up to the demo day, were also awarded. Three teams working on bitcoin mining in space, water management for vineyards and detection of industrial pollution from space all received awards comprising a small sum of seed money and pre-incubation coaching from ESA BIC Denmark.

There was a lot of excitement and energy among the Launchpad participants. Aniket Pagdhare from the winning Launchpad team ALFEO called the program “two of the most remarkable, fulfilling and memorable weeks of my time in Denmark“.

1st prize went to LAUNCHPAD startup-team ALFEO. From the left: Fabrizio MancinoDaniel Hessellund Johansen and Aniket Pagdhare
Photo: Kaare Smith

“The program put us through a set of challenging and timebound deliverables backed by great insights from different coaches and mentors across industry and academia. We shaped an idea and proposed a solution using space tech for the betterment of the Earth.“

Aniket continued: “…this was much more than creating startups or exploring space-tech. This was about connection! …. The people I met through this journey have left a lasting impression on me. A blend of 8 nationalities, diverse backgrounds and distinct competencies, this was a social experiment of exploring human potential through sustenance on a constant supply of energy drinks and candy.”

The top-3 startup teams at LAUNCHPAD 2021. From the left: ALFEO, Blink Space and SpaceArc. 
Photo: Kaare Smith 

After the pitching session at the demo day, the invited guests had the opportunity of meeting a total of 18 startup teams at a network reception in the Planetariums exhibition hall: 13 from the ESA BIC incubation program and five ambitious teams from the Launchpad pre-incubation program, some of which will hopefully be part of the celebration of the next generation of Danish space entrepreneurs at ESA BIC Demo Day 2022.

Kick-off at the Planetarium of Copenhagen at Demo Day 2021. 
Photo: Kaare Smith

You can apply for incubation at ESA BIC Denmark now. Next deadline is September 27,2021. Bring us your moonshot startups! 



Sune Nordentoft Lauritsen
Managing Director, European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Denmark
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