ESA BIC DK Academy: Building a space startup with a 700 MDKK exit - the story of Satcom1

By Karina Bergstrøm, Founder of Satcom1

ESA BIC Denmark will host a series of webinars with leading experts in fields relevant to a startups' development for our startups. 

Learn from the success story of a successful space entrepreneur. After her education as an export engineer, Karina Bergstrøm chose a very technical and male-dominated sector, namely aerospace, first at Satair, later Thrane & Thrane and then founded her own company Satcom1 in 2003. Karina saw a hole in the market for high-quality satellite communications to the ground on board corporate jets, a narrow but lucrative segment that she then focused on. She developed and patented the technology and got hold of good signature customers. 13 years later the company was sold to Honeywell for 700 MDKK.

Contact Lisa Bergmann at if you wish to participate. 


Wed 19 May 21
10:00 - 11:00



7 MAY 2021