Supported startups

At Copenhagen Trackers, they develop smart GPS trackers for everything. They are determined to help people locate their belongings and companies their assets. It's simple, practical, cheap and it comes with no extra fees, subscriptions or hidden costs: once you purchase a device it is yours, and you can use it as much as you like, at no extra expense.



Ekofolio is a mission-driven fintech company, catalyzing investment in forests by making the asset class tradeable and liquid. Ekofolio is in the process of launching the "EKO", its flagship forest-backed token product that grows 3% p.a. - in tandem with a diversified portfolio of global forests. It is also intending to launch a satellite-based reporting system for these assets, based on ESA-Sentinel 2 stream. 


QuadSAT is revolutionising the satcom industry by making antenna testing more accessible, faster, and cheaper. By integrating advanced drone technology, automation software, and a custom developed RF pointing payload, QuadSAT has created an airborne antenna testing system that allows antennas to be tested and measured anywhere in the world.



Sternula is a Danish satellite operator offering global connectivity for maritime digital service using the new VDES standard. We are currently planning and developing our own fleet of advanced Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. The first satellite will be operational from 2022.






Upteko is a drone technology company with a vision to radically improve the maritime sector through innovative drone technology. In their main solution, they are developing an integrated drone system, using the European satellite navigation system Galileo for precision landing onboard vessels. The charging station of the drone can be installed at any location, making it possible to have a permanent drone on a ship. Upteko is also targeting industries such as construction, offshore oil rigs, and wind energy. develops advanced satellite imagery and data analytics services for downstream applications on their AI-based cloud platform.
Their mission is to accelerate the use of satellite data by providing seamless integration of their products into the customers' own software solutions. This enables customers to have advanced satellite data services as part of their own product suite, while develops the algorithms, hosts the data, and manages the server infrastructure.
26 JANUARY 2021