Do you want to extract the opportunities for your company from space patents and technology? Or learn more about how space patents can kickstart a new business?

April 7, 2021 

Could space technology kickstart a business? 

Year after year, ESA develops a vast array of innovative, highly sophisticated technologies and applications to make Europe’s space endeavours happen. For example:

  • Portuguese iTrack Solutions utilizes the ESA patented telemetry algorithm to foresee maintenance needs for light sports aircraft.

  • UK-based ThruVision detects concealed weapons and explosives with ESA-patented screening technology.

  • An ESA patented commercial aviation platform for earth observations enables Dutch / Luxembourg company Skyflox to offer monitoring solution for agricultural land forest fires and more from airliners already in service.

About the webinar: 

Bergenstråhle & Partners, ESA BIC Sweden and the ESA BIC Denmark are presenting a Space IP webinar on April 22nd from 4-5 PM. The ESA patent database offers technology for new business 
opportunities, which the webinar will inspire you to exploit.

At the webinar, we will present: 

  • The business opportunities of space patents 
  • The benefits of patented technology 
  • +500 space patents that can help you develop your business 
  • ESA spin-off cases and more 
  • Space technology spin-off in other industries 
  • Inspiration and opportunities for you with space patents 
  • Introduction of ESA patent-spinoff support team 

Opportunities after the webinar: 

After the webinar, you will be able to schedule a meeting with the ESA patent-spinoff support team to help you extract opportunities from space patents and technology for your company. The team will help you:   

  • Identify interesting patents and technology.
  • With technical expertise and match-making to bring space patents into play.
  • Perform a market feasibility and usability study to identify and assess any barriers in technology, market and competition.
  • Identify favourable funding opportunities.  

You will receive a link to schedule a meeting with the team after the webinar. 



Poul Zimmermann Nielsen
Technology transfer manager, European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Denmark
DTU Space
+45 93 51 14 68
17 AUGUST 2022