Fast-track start-up business opportunities

Illustration: ESA

ESA Business Incubation Centre Denmark – ESA BIC Denmark – opens early 2020 to support entrepreneurs and start-ups to turn their ideas and inventions into new successful Danish businesses

The centre will join the successful network of 20 ESA BICs already operating in 17 countries – the largest ecosystem in the world for space-related entrepreneurship – that have already fostered over 750 start-ups throughout Europe, and raising another 180 new ones each year. 

Over the coming five year ESA BIC Denmark will bring forward 40 new start-ups companies at its three regional business incubation hubs, at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), at Aalborg University (AAU) and at Aarhus University (AU).

In addition ESA BIC Denmark will also work with existing Danish SMEs and larger companies, to support them in tapping into innovative space solutions to strengthen their innovation and competitiveness.


Entrepreneurs and Danish start-ups putting forward innovative and business potential space-related ideas will be admitted to the ESA BIC Denmark on the basis of a competitive application process.

Each start-up which is accepted into the ESA BIC will be provided with a comprehensive free-of-charge package of business, technical and financial support during an incubation period of up to two years, including:
• Up to 80 hours of technical support for each start-up from ESA and national knowledge partners
• €50.000 in financial incentives for each start-up to support the development
• Business development support provided by regional ESA BIC hubs
• Facilitated access to financing opportunities for the start-ups
• Help to find partners and launch business internationally through the extensive ESA BIC network
• Office space and logistics support at attractive rates at regional science parks

Selection rounds will take place 2-3 times a year with the first deadline in 2020 Q1.

ESA BIC Denmark welcome ideas and business models for both upstream and downstream applications. For downstream, solutions can be based on the re-use of ESA and other space technologies, space systems and concepts, as well as the use of satellite provided data, in addition to combinations of space spin-offs and non-space technologies.

INTERESTED? Contact ESA BIC Denmark to know more about the opportunities.

BENEFITS FOR EXISTING Danish SMEs and larger companies

In collaboration with Danish CenSec and its Inno-Sec initiative, ESA BIC Denmark offers attractive value propositions to existing companies which can contribute to corporate innovation and business development:
- Promote innovation, new knowledge application and technology adoption through facilitated collaboration with ESA BIC start-ups
- Develop companies’ ecosystem of customers, suppliers and partners by collaborating with the over 750 ESA BIC start-ups from the European-wide network
- Gain access to insights on the new start-ups across the international ESA BIC network and acquire insights into new technology trends and business opportunities

The ambition is to engage not only Danish ESA BIC start-ups in collaboration with industry, but also start-ups from other ESA BICs.

The collaboration will also help industry brand their businesses internationally through the extensive ESA space solutions network and get access to student and engineering talents at participating universities.

INTERESTED? Contact ESA BIC Denmark to know more about the opportunities.






14 DECEMBER 2019